Third Floor Split

by Krispy Kareem

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4-way split between us, Forever Lesbians, Tribute, and Time Hitler & the Assholes from Space

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released April 22, 2015

Recorded and engineered by Krispy Kareem
Mastered by Willie Kunstadter & Kieran Ferris



all rights reserved


Krispy Kareem Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Roam Alone
Every night you follow me
I don't know what it means
I'm already at your feet
Every night I follow you
I don't know what I'll see
I'll be laughing at the scene
Cause we all roam alone in our dreams.
Every night we follow through
I don't know what I'll need
I'll be steaming at the seams
Every night I call on you
You're never out of reach
When I'm weary and I'm weak
Cause we all roam alone in our dreams

When the cadence comes to be
Its hard to know what's better
When the author doesn't read
Its hard to know what letter DUH
Track Name: Steamboat Ashtray
Mother Mary nevermind her
Hello Robin (Hey there friar)
Don't you know your mama wants you home?
When this life can't get much drier
Where's the babe that you admired?
Don't you know she's waiting there alone

Steamboat ashtray
On my deathbed

You can live like Stephen Hawking
Letting science do the talking
Speak only the language that she knows
When you don't know where you're walking
Mother Mary, ever mocking,
Sitting there upon her golden throne.

Steamboat ashtray
Sleep til sunday
On my deathbed
One last cigarette